New Beginnings

I’m sitting at my computer wanting to tear my hair out. For a girl who speaks 90% of the time she’s awake, I’m finding myself speechless. I can assure you, this never happens. In fact, I’m usually the girl who has something to say so badly that I blurt it out without giving any thought to it.
I should also mention I’m a professional communicator…. So not being able to formulate thoughts and ideas is just a bit counterproductive to my existence – in the professional world, anyway.
It’s been a while since I took a break from the blogging world. My last experience was an emotional rollercoaster – I was writing a blog about experiencing the “firsts” after losing my Dad unexpectedly. The pain became too much and after hearing much criticism about my candidness during the process, I decided to take a step back to grieve.
Fast forward two years and here I am, taking another stab at it. This time around, I don’t have a specific focus.The posts will be unfiltered thoughts on everything from school to work to friends and family sprinkled with some personal experiences and opinions.

Join me on an unfiltered journey as I spill my views onto my keyboard without a second thought. I hope you’ll show the same openness with your comments and feedback.


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